Your Whiteboards, Our Development Teams

iPlus Global has spent years following and refining project management strategies designed to optimize the definition, development, testing, and deployment of IT solutions for large and small corporations. From whiteboard to requirements and from development to testing, iPlus Global expertly guides you through the steps that ensure that new technological efforts release without missteps. iPlus Global works with you to find the innovative solutions that support your business requirements and foster increased revenue, profitability, and a high return on investment.

Experts in Programming Languages

iPlus Global software developers are well versed in all major programming languages used in business technology today. iPlus Global can provide experts in languages including (but not limited to):

  • C, C++, Java
  • C#.NET, VB.NET
  • Oracle, DB2, SQL Server
  • Perl, PHP, Phyton, Ruby On Rails

Our programmers evaluate your requirements and code to the specifics of your project’s components. iPlus Global will custom build your applications to fit your platform, providing the most cost-effective development process available. iPlus Global will work in all major integrated development environments (IDEs) such as Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Eclipse, Anjuta C/C++, and PHPEdit.

Innovative Development Processes

iPlus Global provides guidance and expertise in all phases of the development process. Using leading project management approaches such as Agile, Traditional, Critical Chain, and PRINCE2. We help codify your requirements, use gap analysis to evaluate your current system against what is needed to support your development, set up the framework to handle the build deployments, and cover all of the critical points of technology systems development.

Your Partnership with iPlus Global Doesn’t End With Deployment

Even after the successful deployment of your technology solution, applications and systems must be updated to keep up with the fluidity of the IT business world. Applications that cannot grow and adapt, that do not address changing customer needs, quickly become obsolete. iPlus Global ensures the long-term viability of your software products. Software upkeep can take you off developing newer technologies and processes that would otherwise improve revenue in other areas of the company. Iplus - Global handles your regular upkeep and maintenance so you don’t have to. We implement software enhancements to your critical systems and support new releases. We address customer-specific customization of preexisting software, apply patches and updates, and fix bugs that might arise after launch.

iPlus Global is Your Complete Service Provider

iPlus Global provides services in the following areas and technologies:

  • Business Requirement Creation and Analysis
  • Web, Desktop, and Windows Applications Development
  • Mainframe Programming
  • Software Development and Engineering
  • Database Design and Development
  • Technical Writing and Documentation

Other Services

Infrastructure Services

Maintaining the infrastructure that supports large-scale IT operations is a complex process that even the savviest of IT managers can find daunting.


iPlus Global is a global leader when considering the best means of support of your business’s processes, data analytics, reporting systems, and information.

Quality Assuarance

New IT systems live or die by the quality of the testing behind them. Software that releases with bugs will cost a business not only revenue, but also customer goodwill.

Resource Management
Resource Management

iPlus Global builds upon a reputation for placing high-quality experts at affordable rates. Iplus excels in creative staffing, recruiting across a broad range of verticals.