Maintaining the Infrastructure

Maintaining the infrastructure that supports large-scale IT operations is a complex process that even the savviest of IT managers can find daunting. At iPlus Global, we have developed processes of infrastructure management (IM) that provide cost-effective approaches to maintaining the interconnected web of system management, process flows, application administration, database services, and other systems that require regular attention. iPlus Global applies proven methodologies in order to transfer infrastructure management from your already busy IT managers and administrators to our capable hands. We open lines of communication, carefully analyzing you current process and align them with industry best practices to make the knowledge transfer seamless and painless.

iPlus Global Infrastructure Management Services include:

  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
  • Enterprise Services
  • Platform Engineering
  • Network Support
  • Database Support and Migration

Other Services

Application Development

iPlus Global has spent years following and refining project management strategies designed to optimize the definition, development, testing, and deployment of IT solutions for large and small corporations.


iPlus Global is a global leader when considering the best means of support of your business’s processes, data analytics, reporting systems, and information.

Quality Assuarance

New IT systems live or die by the quality of the testing behind them. Software that releases with bugs will cost a business not only revenue, but also customer goodwill.

Resource Management
Resource Management

iPlus Global builds upon a reputation for placing high-quality experts at affordable rates. iPlus Global excels in creative staffing, recruiting across a broad range of verticals and industries for our clients.